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How we worship

What does Lutheran worship look and sound like?  It's Liturgical; i.e. we follow an order of service.  And To be honest it's not for everyone.  But it's the way that Historic Christianity has celebrated worship for the past thousand years.

Lutherans use orders of service common throughout the history of the Western church.  It's called a Divine Service because it's God serving us with His Grace and Mercy.  We are receiving God's Grace as promised as the Holy Spirit points to Jesus in the preached Word and in the gifts like Communion or Baptism.


The two main parts of the Divine Service are (1) the proclamation of the Word of God, and (2) the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Other orders of service used in the Lutheran church feature a more extended service of the Word as well as times of prayer, such as the services of Matins and Vespers, Morning and Evening Prayer, Compline, and the Litany.


In Lutheran services, pastors and congregations sing or speak the liturgy back and forth or together. Congregational singing of hymns has always been a hallmark of Lutheran worship.The best of musical traditions, both ancient and modern, are embraced by the Lutheran church in its worship, with an emphasis on congregational singing ,reinforced by the choir.


Our pastors wear special clothing called vestments.These garments cover the individuality of the man and emphasize the sacred duties of the office he has been given to carry out. Throughout the course of the church year, an appointed order of readings and prayers helps the congregation focus on the major events in the life of Christ and how those events affect us today.


Preaching, usually based on the appointed lessons, is a hallmark of Lutheran worship, distinguished by a clear presentation of God’s Law and Gospel.

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