May 2021

Numbers 6:24-27 “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.  So shall they put my name upon the people of Israel.”

I say it at the end of the Church service.  It’s called the Aaronic blessing.  Not to be confused with an ironic blessing.  But its not a prayer or a wish.  It’s a proclamation on you, one of God’s people.  It’s a proclamation from God Himself, through me, His undershepherd to His Saints.  It’s been proclaimed since the Old Testament times, a chain that connects us.  We start with a proclamation of the Invocation of God’s name over us-just like when we were baptized, and we end with God’s proclamation over us. 

Chad Bird, a theologian and author of “Unveiling Mercy: 365 Daily Devotions based on insights from Old Testament Hebrew” wrote, “Faces pop up frequently in conversation: a face-off, a slap in the face, a poker face.  Twice in the priestly blessing, God’s panim (“face”) does something; it shines and is lifted up.  This shining face is not the same as our “glowing face” in English.  When God’s face illumines, he is gracious and saves (Ps.31:16).  He enlightens our darkness. Likewise, when he “lifts up his panim” he looks with favor. A smile spreads across his face, filling us with peace.  God’s shining and smiling face, along with the threefold repetition of his name on us, is how he blesses us.

When Jesus was transfigured before his disciples, his face shone like the sun (Matt. 17:2), “for God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor.4:6).  In the face of Jesus, we see the Father’s smile of grace and favor, for in him we are blessed by the Spirit.”

Again, it’s by nothing we do that God smiles upon us.  It’s what Christ has already done for you.  We aren’t saved by our works, but the works of Jesus.  May we remember this truth not only at the start and end of each Church Service, but everyday of our lives. 


In Christ,

Pastor McCall

Now Hiring

Painting Class

Looking for a Christian Early Childhood Center that seeks to share the love of Christ and care for Children?  Then we might be the place for you.

We are currently seeking open positions.  Please call Immanuel ECC for more information on how to schedule an interview! 785-238-5921

Immanuel is a KDHE Licensed Childcare Center for children age 2 1/2 and up. and our teachers are licensed with the State of Kansas Dept. of Ed. and hold degrees in Education.


Our staff is all trained in First Aid and various educational techniques. Immanuel accepts DCF childcare assistance and is a Child and Adult Care Food Program participant

10:30 AM Sunday after worship:

The Bible and self defense. What does the Bible say?  Are we to be pacifist or can we defend ourselves?  Learn more at our Adult Sunday School.  


We will meet in the conference room following 9 am worship.  ..  Join in person or on Facebook Live.  Bring your bible!  


May 9th, 2021         

Sunday 9 am Servic

All are welcome to join the Worship Service.  We use an order of service that can be followed along in our hymnal or on the projected screen.

If you feel unsure, you can still wear a mask.  We won't judge you.  

From Ancient times the Church has noted that Holy Communion is for baptized Christians.  It is also a confession of unity and faith when you commune with a Church Body; i.e. when you partake of the Eucharist you are saying publically that you are in doctrinal agreement with the Biblical teachings from the Bible and as explained in the Book of Concord-our confession of faith for the past 500 years.  


Holy Communion is for members of the LCMS or Christians who have talked previously to the pastor.  If you have questions about Holy Communion or how we worship you are encouraged to call the pastor who will answer any question.

If you would like more information on what we teach and believe you can visit our Church Body Website at:  

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Making a Difference

 Our mission at Immanuel Lutheran ECC (Early Child Care Center) is to lead children and their families to know and to love Jesus. 

    Our center was created to meet the needs of young children. Immanuel Lutheran offers a Christ-centered program to help each child develop as a person and as a child of God.


Why Immanuel ECC for your child?

  • Immanuel offers Christ-centered Education for young children.

  • Immanuel is a KDHE Licensed Childcare Center for children age 2 1/2 and up. and our teachers are licensed with the State of Kansas Dept. of Ed. and hold degrees in Education.

  • Our staff is all trained in First Aid and various educational techniques.

  • Immanuel accepts DCF childcare assistance and is a Child and Adult Care Food Program participant

  • Immanuel has military subsidies available through NACCRRA/ChildCareAware @

  • Call our Director for enrollment info at: 785-238-5921 

Community Involvement

Pastor McCall is a member of the Geary County Ministerial Association.  An organization of community religious leaders and social services.  We also support the local food pantry and can provide contact information for those in need

Other outreach and faith growth opportunities that we support or encourage:

  • Geary County Ministerial Association

  • 6:30 am Saturday Men's Morning Bible Study Breakfast at Stacys

  • Tuesday Morning Women's Bible Study

  • Ladies Quilters 

  • LWML

  • Summer Home Bible Study

  • Community VBS 

  • Operation Barnabus-Ministry to the Armed Forces and their families

  • Open Door 

  • Sundown Salute Parade Float

Get in Touch

What we believe from the Holy Bible

  • We believe in the Triune God.  Scripture reveals that there is only one true God, not three gods, and He has revealed Himself in three distinct persons in one divine being. God the Father who created us, God the Son Jesus of Nazareth who redeemed us and God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us.

  • We believe God created the world out of nothing by his almighty Word over a period of six, natural days.

  • We believe the Bible is inspired or "God-breathed" and wholly true. It is the Book above all books.

  • We believe that by a miracle of the Holy Spirit, the eternal God received a body in the virgin Mary. The name, Jesus, means "Savior." Jesus came to save all people form sin, death and eternal punishment. All who believe in Jesus alone receive forgiveness and eternal life.

  • We believe that God works through means to give His gifts of grace to people. These means of grace are the Word (Bible) and Sacraments (Baptism and Lord's Supper). Through these means God gives forgiveness of sins, new power for daily living and the hope of eternal life.

  • We believe that God comes to us to give His gifts of grace each time we gather in His house of worship. As we come to worship and receive from God, we then have the opportunity to give back to God in our prayers, praises, and offerings.

  • We believe that there will be a Last Day when Jesus will return to judge all men. On that day there will be only two groups of people - those who placed their faith solely in Jesus for salvation and eternal life and those who rejected God's gracious invitation to trust Jesus for salvation and eternal life. Jesus will gather up those who believe and take them to heaven, and unbelievers will suffer punishment for eternity. 

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